so, here it is. my last post as someone trying to come off as a happy, well-adjusted "artist" type person. i can't live anymore without making art.  it takes a large part of my time.  most of that time i like to be alone or not bothered. my kids and husband and family suffer, if you call not having me in their face "suffering" (i call it a blessing!)...

here are my first two collages since i made the conscious decision to start making them again. i have been inspired by scrapiteria, fantasyrooms, and craftydogma TO JUST NAME THREE!!!  actually, here is my flickriver box and link-mania where you can spend the rest of your week dreamily gazing at some of the most awesome artists' work....THANK YOU to all of those who so willingly put their hearts out there to share talent we would have never seen if it wasn't for this thing we call the INTERNET (loud deep voice with slight echo).

ps: for more descriptive anecdotes about these pieces, please jump over to my flickr. thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your biology themes! Also, love the collage with the cheeeezzz

  2. thanks, kelly! yes, stinky cheeeeezz, don't forget the steenky part...