ACEO batch 2



~these are my most recent ACEOs.
i made a few mandala-style designs and tried using my prismacolor blender to haze some of the backgrounds, and i really like how it looks next to the non-blended hard lines.
i sooo wish bic would make more new colors - more light colors. the sharpies seem too heavy, i think the bics have a nice clear color.
i have been trying to gather opinions and suggestions for some new markers. of course, cost is an issue, but i might just buy single prismacolors in the lighter shades i don't have, using my hobby lobby coupons. i love the tips on my microns, and the control i have with ink flow. i did just purchase 2 pitts, fine and superfine, after reading about them on blogs/flickrs....can't wait to crack those open!   any recommendations on markers would be appreciated.










a new journal

i have so many written journals, from college/post-college years, where i let the raw stuff reside. those will always stay private. then there is my large collage journal (magazine cuttings given new life).  i will get around to posting some of that...both had some drawings and illustrations, but not many.
but i have wanted to combine written and art journaling in the same book since i have wandered through some of the most amazing blogs-- where artists bravely put up their incredible visual journals depicting personal and sometimes difficult days...  it seems to me to be the most perfect creative endeavor...and i know from experience that it is the very best therapy.
here are the first few page layouts from a new journal i started. it's a Canson 10x10 -natural (tan) pages. the paper is smooth, and i used my usual microns, bic mark-its, sharpies, and colored pencils. i want this to be a written/illustrated collection of my favorite childhood memories.  we'll see how that pans out.






i finally figured out, with help from kgkeiser on youtube (thanks!) how to create a copyright overlay (or layer), which you can adjust opacity on, and save as a pattern to protect the art you post.  i have used a copyright image on the other stuff i've posted, but individually, and with only my name.  it was a pain, and doesn't work to protect smaller pieces, or work with lots of detail, as areas can still be cropped....yes, i AM paranoid, and new in the online posting world.
this can turn into a whole copyright/not discussion, and i have read many blog opinions on the topic, and understand the overall frustration with viewing copyrighted work. i see how easy it is to have your stuff ripped off too (like lauren nassef -or any of the other hundreds of artists here).  how depressing to go through that site....
so i will use this rather weak attempt to deter any possible infringement. which i know is completely impossible.
on THAT note!!!  thanks for viewing.