so, we are a family who likes to spend weekends not doing much, it doesn't help that we don't have any money right now, but both my kids love arts and crafting.  rodney is getting to enjoy it as well. i need a much larger table...
one boring sunday in the 100 degree summer, i took out my big trunk-box of jewelry scraps so we could make ROBOTS!   luk has been into the movie "robots" so he had the greatest reaction when the box was opened..."wo-ow!"
it was especially cool because i would guess half of what is in there is from my grandfather, who was a watch and clock repairman. he used to give me little boxes full of parts and old watches.
then my BF kimmy (hi, kimmy!) and i would go from estate sale to rummage sale pillaging any and all the old costume jewelry and junk we could... man, i miss those days...we would go home and spend hours breaking stuff apart (gasp) and sorting and sharing - oh, so very therapeutic!  then we had to start collecting vials and coin bottles to keep our ever-expanding collection of beads and clasps, pins and jump rings...oh, drewel....now, to put it all to use.
well, here is what i made.


few more ACEOs

background for this on card, then a 4-square was matted and glued on top...
i kinda like how it came out using same colors/patterns on top and bottom.
seahorse didn't turn out like i pictured, i don't care for neon and this felt neon-y to me...but now it looks more black-lighty..



woodburned cat & pysanky (eggs)

it began with a small, cheap woodburning iron.  i LOve the smell of burning wood - ok, really, it's one of my favorite things in the world. i sooo miss the small, woodburning fireplace in our last house...
anyway, i used to take scraps and beads and burn patterns onto them. then the carving thing came over me, and i made this by first carving my image then burning the patterns on top.
my dad has done woodwork forever, and took the opportunity to buy me a really awesome iron - a DETAIL MASTER from Leisure Times.  wow - that baby cuts detail like butter - i neeed to get that back out....
well, here is the cat block


then i made some eggs, styled after pysanky, Ukrainian Easter eggs.  they are not finished, they are burned but i think they need a few coats of varnish? any opinions or suggestions?