peace board

 if you came to my blog from my flickr, sorry for the repetition...this book board was saved from my book disassemblings...which i stopped because i finally urged my OCD self to just look for collage materials as i go along, instead of trying to catalog everything. the book board idea is from several collage artists i found online who use them as bases for collages. great idea, because they are dry and absorb glue really well. for marker drawing - not so great, i realized 2 seconds into my drawing. so i had to use colored pencils. i have been loving the intesity of my sharpies and bics when i draw on smooth bristol, so i wasn't happy that i had to have a softer look.  after my daughter suggested the pencils might actually work better on a peace drawing because of the muted-ness of the color, i carried on.  it took a lot longer than my marker work, but i do like how it came out.

 i scanned this in B&W before i took-on the coloring, in case it didn't turn out well.
then i thought about making pages to sell as color-yourself prints. dover publishing sells a lot of detail coloring books...i love them.

 as you can see from my photos here, i had to pr - ok - well, i didn't HAVE to, but i chose to press very hard to achieve solid color. i have a thing for crinkly paper and permanence, so i always press very hard when i write.  does anyone else miss the smell of papermate ink on a freshly written assignment? i was one of those kids who wouldn't use a crayon lightly, all of my colored pages were heavily filled. i try sometimes to abandon that urge, in fact i started another journal and the first page is softly drawn.  i will post it later.

all in all, i have a goal to try and grow larger drawings. i have been asked to trade and sell something like an 8x10 size, so i am working toward that.  this fulfills that goal, i might try to print it to see how the colors come through.

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  1. Interesting talk of pressure; I remember girls in elementary school who had softly and evenly filled in the lines while others had pressed hard and gotten very strong and vivid color..