ACEO batch 3



i got a slight bit lazy scanning these, i like adding a dark border, but really, my cards don't usually have borders, i like to use all the space - all 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  i would like to know how you ATC / ACEO artists back your work, or if most of you just use mattboard or watercolor paper, also very textur-y and ink hungry....?

sneak peek --- my ETSY

 ***** ETSY SHOP OPENING SOON!!!! *****

well, i have the storefront, and am madly matching a mostly minute menagerie of collage scraps!  i have sooo much to share that creating these kits has been taking up much of my time...it is so very much more challenging than i thought.  the OCD part of me doesn't want to give up, so again, my passion for "art" has been therapeutic. 

here are two items that will be up as soon as i put together several kits to post.  i hope to offer things that others don't have access to for their ATC /ACEO / inch-work / collage projects.  i will also be letting go of some back issues of Somerset Studio and assorted Stampington and scrapbook idea books and magazines. vintage and retro-ish styles are my loves, and i have at least 50 discarded and unwanted books to pull apart for sharing. i hope to add variety kits as well, including some of my vintage buttons and laces, as well as some new fibers and scrap papers that i buy too many of. please check back if you are in need of scrap-packs!!!  thanks.


inchies.....group 3




these i made just because i am addicted to inch-work.  it's amazing therapy...tuning out excessive thought and focusing on minutia.  some of them are on bazzill cardstock, thus the texture, which dries my pens out quite rapidly!  the top sacred hearts are on recycled cardboard packaging (uh, yes, tissue boxes rule, ashley!).  while i do love the textured bazzill, it's too hard for me to work with on this scale, and i want my pens to last longer than one inch.... 
thanks for viewing.