50 things that make me happy

dispense as written / in random order / nonprioritized
  1. rain –sound, smell and feel
  2. fire –sound, sight and smell
  3. magazines –mainly scrap and art- smell and paper type are important
  4. cool weather – 50-60 degrees and breezy
  5. snow
  6. big mountains and woods, i love trees
  7. my kids' running and laughing
  8. christmas cards with glitter – glitter is uber cool
  9. hersheys milk chocolate – mostly with jif creamy
  10. good music by talented musicians
  11. 30's and 40's music
  12. 50's, 60's and 70's styles, kitsch, furniture
  13. fonts - free fonts
  14. high mass at rosary cathedral + large choirs
  15. forensic and crime shows
  16. being up post-dusk to pre-dawn
  17. writing – journaling, papermate pens, thin paper
  18. thrift stores
  19. estate sales
  20. rummage sales
  21. birds and crickets and frogs singing
  22. art, art, more art, creating, enjoying and living it
  23. skipping around online, finding art and weird sites
  24. tiny wood, glass and metal containers, boxes, vials
  25. old medical, art, science and lit books with lots of old pics
  26. photographs – taking, viewing and messing with digitally
  27. down-time and naps, coool showers
  28. a really good meal, mostly comfort food
  29. beeeeeeeads...........odder+older=better
  30. tiny fantasy worlds : fairies & dragons
  31. "reality" shows: top chef, project runway, ID channel, house
  32. movies – drama, disney + pixar, funny, suspense, indies, fantasy
  33. popcorn, corn on the cob, corn nuts!
  34. paranormal, ghosts, unexplained mysteries
  35. old rosaries, medals, angels and holy cards
  36. christmas lights – mini, multi, blinking, big bulbs, any kind, any time
  37. sticks and stones, twigs and rocks
  38. waterfalls, the sound of water in brooks and streams
  39. my blanket and pillow, and cool, crisp fresh sheets
  40. scrapbooking, reading about scrapbooking, buying scrap stuff
  41. little, old, toys or toy pieces, broken or not
  42. vintage ephemera, postcards, weird ads
  43. collaging – cutting and pasting (since forever) –titanium or fiskars microtip scissors
  44. turkey hill philadelphia style vanilla bean ice cream, or breyers vanilla bean since i can't get turkey hill
  45. dill pickles (mt olive), black and green olives, green olives stuffed with garlic, dilled brussel sprouts, mild dilled cauliflower, tony packos chunky garlic pickles
  46. moon, clouds, stars (and vintage glittery stars)
  47. getting packages and hand-written mail ( hand-signed cards are a treat anymore!)
  48. childrens' art, art done as therapy by anyone
  49. psychology, especially abnormal and criminal
  50. daydreaming
i am constantly making lists of stuff to buy, to do, to make, to send, i guess to feel like i am in control of something, even if the crap never gets done. i also make lists of stuff the kids do and say, and their achievements, but then i lose them in my piles, my chaos. here they might be safe. for awhile, til this site becomes a mess too. then there are the lists about me. i do these lists only to have a record for my children of my semi-sane side. i want them to know normal things about me, that they might not just remember difficult days and---

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