musically impaired :: 24 hour update

yes, i have listened to a lot of music in the last few hours...several songs that i dnloaded for my daughter (9.66 years old), and others that i have heard only a handful of times and always loved, but never bought. i have this thing about getting a cd - and listening to 1, maybe 2 songs, then putting it at the bottom of the pile, you know, to protect the rest of the cd's from any tiny floods or misc damage from below....(?)
i enjoyed listening during the day, when we were doing stuff around the house and the kids were having fun, but as the day wore on, it was more challenging to just relax and take it in. there was that moment, not unlike benny and joon, where i ran to the pc to turn it down....actually there are times when i shove my fingers into my ears to quiet my world - then i get that suffocating claustrophobia and i really could pass out.
good grief, right? i have this hope that by putting this stuff in front of my face, and making myself be honest, it might just go away....kind of like that picture i drew in college...
so, here is what i collected online, if you are interested.
  • andrea bocelli - ave maria, la donnamobile, time to say goodbye w sarah brightman
  • bing crosby - melekalikimaka (from nat'l lampoon's xmas vacation), and young at heart w guy lombardo ( i really want guy lombardo's 3 little fishies, can't find it as single)
  • collective soul - shine
  • daniel powter - bad day
  • eels - jelly dance (love this one)
  • finger eleven - one thing (love this one too - want to hear more)
  • goo goo dolls - name and slide (i so want better days and give a little bit)
  • janis joplin - me and bobby mcgee
  • jet - hold on from spiderman 2
  • jeff stewart - from his website....great artist too!!!
  • josh groban - you raise me up
  • lenny kravitz - i love the rain, if you want it
  • massive attack - inertia creeps and of course teardrop (i'm a house freak)
  • men at work - down under (nostalgia)
  • natasha bedingfield - these words and unwritten, which is a really awesome tune, these are for my daughter, but she has great talent
  • pink - don't let me get me (want the pill song)
  • ray charles - light out of darkness, messaround - everyone has to have this one - i will be searching for more ray oldies
  • roisin murphy - primitive (while looking for rama lama song)
  • rusted root - send me on my way and a drum solo, both live
  • snow patrol - chasing cars, run, you could be happy -these guys are new to me
  • the flecks - bessy, mr submarine man, now you're an angel - which is pure beauty, time is around (these are all on their myspace site, but now that their awesome bassist sent me the 1st cd i have them all!) thanks, V
  • lemon heads - being around (funny)
  • train - calling all angels, they call me free, when i look to the sky - need ordinary, also from spiderman
  • t-rex - i love to boogie (loved billy elliot, so love this song)
  • u2 - mission impossible theme (i own almost all of their other stuff)

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