pretty much whatever i say today might sound negative.  just the day.  but i have gripes with blogger.  why is it sooo much easier to upload and organize stuff on flickr than here?  the *new* page feature is not much news, you can only make static pages....wanted bad to have the page structure of wordpress. yes, so go there, i know. each has their merits, but neither is really set-up for gallery type pages or art/photography posting like flickr. 
not sure how to proceed....i'm getting a lot of views on flickr and finding an incredible community atmosphere, and it's much quicker than waiting for traffic here.

what i'm debating is, i was opening a blog to both have a place to share art and have a place to talk about depression and OCD. i wanted to see if i could blend the mental process with my art, as a way to promote art as therapy. i haven't been doing that, i'm actually avoiding the mental parts.  maybe if i concentrate more on that here, and focus on just my art on flickr, i can do both.  bear with me as i try to figure it out, the very few of you who so graciously come here!


new direction, kinda


so since i think my drawings are getting boring, i decided to try harder to add some dimension or substance. i feel ok that these are an improvement, and am newly refreshed and addicted to ACEO-sized pieces. i will even try a bit larger size, postcard or even a few of my vintage book boards. i'm laughing because i would like to do a few ACEOs horizontally, but my OCD is preventing it. i assume ahead of time that it won't work, that it will be odd due to the standard-ness of the trading card.

as far as color, i think it's amusing that "my" colors are really all muted, natural tones. you can't find red or orange anywhere in my house.              
ok.  i'm lying. right this instant i am wearing a red t-shirt. it has paint on it, though, so it isn't official enough to count. i prefer the serenity of earth tones and the peace they bring to my mind. tonight i will use my new colored pencils. i made sure, even though it was unsettling, that i picked some bright colors. i like the brightness of my pieces, so having the option to work in more muted or blended tones will be interesting.  
see? i'm already obsessing.


one more mandala and a 2 x 2 incher. i reeeally like how the greys turned out.  i used my bics and sharpies, including the new cafe colors (latte?) i don't do coffee, but i loove these new shades. i have enjoyed some of the monotone detail drawings i have found on flickr, i wonder what it would do to my system to work in one shade for the whole piece...

i forgot to mention that i worked on my my FLICKR page, and now have all the things i have posted here (art-wise) on my FLICKR page so that whoever doesn't want to read stuff can go there to view everything together.  the colors actually look better here, because if you watch the slideshow version of FLICKR, the black is nice, but the size reduces the clarity too much.

but i have to say, that i am COMPLETELY HOOKED on FLICKR and have been trying to soak up as much art and photography as possible, building up my favorites list.  i will be posting both my FLICKR and ETSY favorite sellers badges here on my site, prolly on the LINK page. (i'm not overusing the word FLICKR anymore).