art journal, pages 16-21

 pages 20 and 17
this layering thing i do has always been a means for me to create order from chaos. it immediately gives me a sense of control, lining up all of the little details...
i am very inspired by embroidered ribbons.

page 16 
i wasn't sure how to finish this page, i wanted the skull to stand out. my need-to-keep made me scan before i added the detailing, so i could have both versions. :P

page 18 
not inspired (or maybe just mentally tired) i resorted to my blobs. since that didn't give me any desire to detail, i outlined. this allowed me to fill space without having to decide how...


page 21
on this day i felt like being more subconscious than pretty, and pulled a quote i like to give it "sense". it's how i felt that day. i really love outsider art..."raw" art...especially artists who have no training and draw with a very sophisticated childrens' style. 
when i used to have "psychotic" episodes, i would draw in symbols. i have seen several artists who are schizophrenic who use this method to communicate things that don't "make sense" to others. i could go freudian and explore the symbols i currently use a lot, but eh, that sounds too heavy. 
no matter your skill level, draw. even stick people or a little house with a tree take on special qualities that make them yours alone. the lack of art training makes pictures "speak" more, because you are concentrating too hard on just making the lines, and hopefully you forget to worry about perfection.


  1. Christine, page 17 is BRILLIANT!! Absolutely gorgeous. I love all the little details. What a gift.

  2. thank you, simplytrece! it's a gift i believe everyone has, it just needs to be developed...keep creating!

  3. I love your work it's is absolutely amazing and beautiful thank you for sharing all of it

  4. thank you very much for stopping by, anonymous! :)