ACEO batch 2



~these are my most recent ACEOs.
i made a few mandala-style designs and tried using my prismacolor blender to haze some of the backgrounds, and i really like how it looks next to the non-blended hard lines.
i sooo wish bic would make more new colors - more light colors. the sharpies seem too heavy, i think the bics have a nice clear color.
i have been trying to gather opinions and suggestions for some new markers. of course, cost is an issue, but i might just buy single prismacolors in the lighter shades i don't have, using my hobby lobby coupons. i love the tips on my microns, and the control i have with ink flow. i did just purchase 2 pitts, fine and superfine, after reading about them on blogs/flickrs....can't wait to crack those open!   any recommendations on markers would be appreciated.











  1. Outstanding ACEOs! Enjoyed looking at your work, Beautiful blog.

  2. thank you, ingrid! (blush)
    your amazing work is such an inspiration.