woodburned cat & pysanky (eggs)

it began with a small, cheap woodburning iron.  i LOve the smell of burning wood - ok, really, it's one of my favorite things in the world. i sooo miss the small, woodburning fireplace in our last house...
anyway, i used to take scraps and beads and burn patterns onto them. then the carving thing came over me, and i made this by first carving my image then burning the patterns on top.
my dad has done woodwork forever, and took the opportunity to buy me a really awesome iron - a DETAIL MASTER from Leisure Times.  wow - that baby cuts detail like butter - i neeed to get that back out....
well, here is the cat block


then i made some eggs, styled after pysanky, Ukrainian Easter eggs.  they are not finished, they are burned but i think they need a few coats of varnish? any opinions or suggestions?


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