more ACEOs and mandalas



i'm stuck on making these little things.  they are the perfect size for my attention span.  i wish there were more colors in fine tip markers to work with, at least ones i can afford! more hues and shades of the same colors would be fine. someone at bic and sharpie should get on that.  

i have also been setting up my flickr sets, so if anyone comes and wants to read, they can, or they can go straight to the colored stuff. i made tags, and i have a nice favorites collection, and again, i have trouble leaving when i start looking through others' collections...i drown in all the awesome art and photographs.  i am going to set up a FLICKR badge to show off my favorite items by other flickr members. i also have to put up an ETSY favorites badge....and then there's the ETSY store i promised myself...

so, since i can't seem to get past this phase, i will try to make myself do something new. i'd like to pull out an old bookboard and alter it with my new caran d'ache neocolor IIs.  or should i try the oil pencils....


ACEO batch 5


hi!  i have soo much more than this to post, but i wanted to start collaging some of these.  this style is getting boring to look at, although i love doing them, it relaxes me and the markers make me a little fuzzy.  i do like the 2" square size, and have done a set of new mandalas, i'll get those up too.
i adore the smell of oils, and am looking forward to getting my new oil sticks, pencils and pastels out to try. i bought some odorless turp alternative to do some messing and blending.  that will hopefully take me in a different direction...

i also want to pull more magic and illusionist stuff into my drawings.  i have been collecting some old images of tarot cards, ouija boards and zoltar machines