inched out

it's finally cooler and breezy, taking away some of the staleness. ohio is getting snow.....
i am growing tired of my inch-arts. made a whole bunch, don't know what to do with them. now that i have started small, i guess maybe i should go a little bigger - probably ATC's and off-beat scrap pages... baby steps....at this rate, i might make a decent-sized painting by the time i'm dead! i realize that these tiny canvases bring me the feeling that i have a tiny bit of control. i can produce order, even if only one inch at a time.
my house is a live, relentless hurricane. whenever i get it all sorted (into manageable piles) luka goes through and sweeps the toys, kitchen utensils and other non-toy essentials into a carpet of items that, if stepped upon, would cause a trip to the ER for extraction. dinosaurs, trucks and tiny pieces of toys...
piles are my method of organizing. i have piles everywhere, and now i am making piles of tiny colored thingys, or i make a 6 x 6 assortment if i'm really ambitious. yes, for those who also do that, i do admit that 6 x 6 is just a lame way for me to commit, or to give the bad ones a place to hide amongst the ones that turn out ok. :)

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