I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEVER in my WILDEST dreams did i ever think i could actually be published in, not just any magazine, but THE magazine, my favorite art magazine, an inspiration to millions of really awesome artists, SOMERSET STUDIO!!!!

i must say, even now, 2 and a half months after finding out, the words still evoke a surreal tingle in my brain....(yes, one much like a seratonin reuptake party in the cerebelum). not only did they accept my work, they thought enough of it to give me a TWO-PAGE spread!!!!!!!! (ask me and i will not deny that i think they just didn't have enough entries to publish, so they threw in mine at the last minute). i chose to take the leap last summer, when Somerset announced an upcoming deadline for their black-and-white challenge. it didn't even take a minute and i was doodling away with my relatively-unused markers, doing small line drawings like i have done my whole life, and i soon pulled together a small pile of ok pieces, not really 100% acceptable to me as Somerset material, but you have to know that i have dreamed of this goal for about 8 years, when i saw my first issue of Somerset and made my husband pay several dollars for a magazine a never read. i fell in love by sight of its cover alone (may/june, 2000, art on cover by lynne perrella) - yes! exactly 8 years!

so, i have this pile, and i'm happy enough to be back at drawing, but my husband, daughter and dad and mom convince me that it's good enough to try - so it goes - off to stampington.
i didn't even decorate the box because i waited until the last minute, ok, AND because i thought it would just be tossed on the no stack anyway....but a tiny part of me decided that a black-and-white challenge was a perfect start. i admit that i was at the brink of giving up my goal of calling myself an artist and resigning myself to maybe making scrapbooks out of all the stuff i've bought, retiring as a mom who liked art.

i am very proud that Somerset thought several of my entries were worth printing in their amazing somerset studio. i am most proud of my "paper charm: bird loft", and will do more of these type of pieces (funny - i used to make mobiles all the time as a kid). i am also going to pick up my work on iconic paintings and ATCs, and i have even, much to my own disbelief, reserved a storefront on ETSY in case i can actually come up with enough to sell. i would like to put together some inspiration bags of art-scraps to share, and maybe throw in some other stuff for fun!
i accomplished a lifetime goal - and it makes me want to become better at what i love. art is my therapy, my passion, and my constant way of seeing life, and i am making a decision to keep going. thanks to everyone along the way who has encouraged me to try, i hope i can inspire others to take a chance too.

here is the paper charm bird loft,
as with all of my drawings published, it is actually much darker than it appears in the magazine.

here are the other items of mine that were published with this:


thank you somerset!!!

what wasn't published for B&W challenge


being my first submission, i sent a lot of things, not confident in any of it!
these are a few things that didn't get published...






 these are older bead projects of mine. the skeleton is some vintage white beads and some shell and the head is old glass. the blue beaded cross i believe are all newer beads. for both i made basic wire forms.

the gaurdian angel i made in 2004 when i learned i was finally pregnant with my second child (4.5 years trying). both of my grandmothers introduced me to these pocket prayer cards, i've been in love with them since. i took this to church with me to pray and showed it to my grandmother. the small baby is a gift from her. on the back i stitched a Blessed Mother medal. i ended up losing this child, we believe she was a little girl, maggie.

in 2005 i became pregnant with my precious boy, which eased the pain somewhat. this little thing (it's all of 2 inches top to bottom) represents maggie and the fragility of life, this proves she was here long enough to change our lives... :)