storage like no other


 well, i do have this thing for old wood cabinets, boxes and shelves, like apothecary kinds of shelves.  these i adopted from a Pearl art store that closed downtown.  i was sad that although i had not been there until now, that a piece of history was disappearing.  i heard lots of customers recalling fond memories of shopping there.  best wishes to all who lost their jobs.

so, i was there with my dad on a trip to see what goods were left for 75% off.  
(75% !!!)
once my stomach settled and the panic left my every muscle, i spotted these and my dad and i had the same thought.  a little while later they had my name stickers on them. the plastic ones on top are pen displays, so you have an idea of size.

they are sitting in my garage, waiting to be given new purpose.  i haven't told them that there is no room for them in the inn.  my house is full. i will find a way.  i have been looking for the plastic type for a while, for my pencils and to store my markers horizontally.  i am going to need a big bottle of goo gone and some bees wax to restore some of the life to the wood.

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