i have spent tooo much time blog skipping!!  i can't unglue myself when there are sooo many incredible artists to visit.
i wanted to create lists of some that i have found, attempting to organize them by media, i guess. i don't mean to compartmentalize or generalize, i just have them listed according to the parts of the sites i visited and enjoyed.

ps: i have just started this list - so come back as i add from my bookmarks--
(i can't even LIST them without stealing away for another visit)

ETSY (just starting this list, have soo many to list) 

COVETABLE CURIOSITIES - what an incredible person and store....i COVET every item...go here, buy stuff...you will be back for more....


KOZMICDREAMS  - so many reasons to visit! -awesome art: detailwork, watercolors, pyrography, auto detailing, photography, go view!


NOTPAPER  -one person dedicated to showing the work of collagists
                  -check out her LINKS to everyone (if you have a few hours)
WHAT YOU LOVE  -aprile, the owner of said NOTPAPER

SCRAPITERIA   -FUN FUN FUN!  Vivienne Strauss has cool paintings too

SCRAPATORIUM ---LOTS of great stuff -angelica paez

FANTASYROOMS   - --LOVE these to death -also angelica paez

WICKED COBRA  -if i could buy every one of these...

MARY EMMA HAWTHORNE  -simple and contemplative, lots of birds

STUDIOSCHNEIDENFREUDE  -thoughtful, fun, and creative collage -adriana muller

KOLLAGE KID  -michael leigh -collagist extraordinaire -LAUGHINGSHED

MINDSEYE COLLAGE - great collages, great style

SCRAPPYBOY - crazy-fantastical i guess i would describe it, some adult content

MARTY GORDON - WOW, such amazing and funny and creative collages! (his wife does nice collage work as well - link on site).

MY ARTISTIC JUNK DRAWER  -marty gordon has links here to many awesome artists!

FRANCO BRAMBILLA - really phenomenal alien, etc. invasions of vintage postcards  FUN!  it's digital work beyond my comprehension - the reflections and detail are crazy!!!

DANI SANCHIS   -here is a great collage artist who is not afraid to use the very best vintage pieces to create wonderful art

WARPART  - i guess the name attracted me at first, then i quickly found the most fun collages -like uberfun

FRED NICHOLSON - wow, such labor-intensive works from the heart, and great commissioned collages of your kids' art!

NICOLE NATRI  -very cool collage using vint materials. i love how simple they are,yet so loud

SNAILBOOTY  -FLICKR site of a really talented collagist - check out the mixed media collage set - awesomest stuff!


INGRID DIJKERS  -pure eye candy-SUCH TALENT-go to gallery +see her journals and ATCs

TEESHASCIRCUS - feast your eyes on the queen's bounty!

BE...DREAM...PLAY   --SUPERfantastic journal pages

PHIZZYCHICK   --almost too good to handle

ANNA RUSAKOVA   -awesome moleskine journal and illustration work
                             -she is in kiev,ukraine, where my mom/family are from!
ANNA RUSAKOVA'S SITE  -in ukrainian, beautiful art to look at!

ANAHATA KATKIN   -even her name is charming, owner of PAPAYA, her work is so lovely and enchanting, her snapshots so amazing, you can count on a virtual escape.


WALTZINGTHROUGHLIFE  -pam is an incredibly talented scrapbooker with many styles -and a wonderful photographer


DONNA'S INKY CORNER - awwwesome postcards, and 2009 incredible inchies in a year!!

ARTJUNKGIRL  -i ADORE this girl's stuff! tons of moleskines, journals and inchies

LISALAUGHS  -tiny little masterpieces -want every one of them - so much attention to detail

FIVEPRIME -flickr data mining search engine, a fine place to see inchie collections

SOMAVENUS   -way cool retro vibes coming from these ATC cards...


 THEO ELLSWORTH -INCREDIBLE alternate worlds of ink detailed characters + comics

 NATALIE PERKINS -really pretty site with really pretty detail drawings


BILL DOMONKOS -genious short films, vintage/scientific/medical/paranormal - awesome!


BLUETUBE -my brother is a sound engineer and composer, this site is currently under re-construction...he has done work for Cartoon Network (Adult Swim), wrote the Boomerang tune, and did sound/music for AquaTeen Hunger Force- the movie... and a bunch of other cool stuff.

AWESOME INCORPORATED -my sister-in-law has her own media business, and she has created a campaign for Cheerwine, done lots of work for Cartoon Network (+Adult Swim), Boomerang, and Nickelodeon, as well as a commercial for Go-Gurt - the DEMO REEL on the site's front page is, well, AWESOME!!

AUNTJEANNIES ATTIC  -my cousin's gorgeously sewn bags - all kinds of mod fabrics, colors and sizes - go browse! 

inspiring me this week......

  • vintage cartoons (cartoons time forgot, ubiworks on netflix)
  • kawaii/kitsch/retro
  • new goat mop paint brush (50% off -hobby lobby!)
  • new artful blogging + somerset studio (finally off sale at joann)
  • cool, really breezy weather + sun/shadows dancing through my house



i have been working on new types of COLLAGES and would like to put out a call to my family and friends to collect for me things you think are interesting -PAPER AND OTHERWISE-, generally referred to as "ephemera". i want to use bits of everyday written/visual elements, incorporating them into collages. things i am looking out for are mostly vintage/old -as in 30's to 70's but new/unique is great too, unusual and weird are perfect!. condition does not matter, as long as it doesn't smell of smoke...and it doesn't cost anything. :)

· unique ticket stubs, passes
· handwritten notes (illegible fine), lists, letters, homework, recipes, directions
· old address books (i like the divider tabs)
· receipts, tags (price, sold, delivery, rare or strange)
· old mail, envelopes, stamps, unique postmarks (foreign is a bonus)
· old postcards, or newer corny ones
· old or new photos, worse is better, blurry/weird colors great, subject irrelevant
· pages from old/unusual books, old typed paper, ledgers
· old playing/flash cards, cards from games
· weird instruction manuals (need not be english), illustrations are a plus
· old pix from science, medical, nature, animal books/literature
· holy cards, religious pictures (will be given due reverence)
· little scraps of paper with cool numbers, words, pictures or letters
· vintage greeting cards (signed is fine) or wrapping paper pieces

anyway, you get the idea...pieces/parts are fine, whatever i don't use will be passed on to other collage artists or RECYCLED. the challenge in this is to look harder at common "trash" and see potential in odd or discarded items.
i have MANY other interests as far as collecting goes, there is a too-much-information list of my collections on my blog if you are bored. i will be adding pix of those some time soon, i see there are MANY bloggers out there interested in collecting and sharing the love! gotta do my little part...

thanks so much for reading + visiting, try something creative every day!