new stuff

well, i have no idea why, but the post i had with this picture vanished when i tried to give the post a title... i think i may return to wordpress.  i really like their page option, and editing seems easier.. i think i said i have been busy lately, and am still working on putting together inventory for my ETSY store - bags of collage scraps.  it's way more work than i thought to put decent kits together. plus i am trying to do some collages myself and i started a new journal.  that's going slow because i keep coming online and finding new incredibly talented collagists and art journalists....need Art Addict Anon meetings...


  1. you must have amazing patience to make these works of art.
    Somerset has a project of mine just now-but I haven't heard if they are going to publish it yet!
    Your lost blog post may be in drafts

  2. hi, pam! sooo sorry i neglected to respond to this right away. the thing about somerset is that i didn't know i was published until i received the issue i was in! then when i got my art back, there was a letter that said, "we would like to use this".
    best wishes for you, i'd love to see it!