putting it online

i don't know how so many of you keep up with scanning and photographing your work to post daily or even weekly! i am a project abandoner, and have tried to take chunks of time to just put stuff up here, but have really lagged -mostly due to potty training and heat. i am also still confused (or i make myself confused) about how to post different things. i love the gallery looks, love the well-organized, simple websites with big, definitive buttons that take you exactly where you want to be, and i like flickr for it's huge art crowd, but not so much for the navigation within a specific page...although i haven't tried to actually open a page of my own. i keep telling myself what i tell myself every minute of every day, 'i can change and adapt as i go, life is SHORT! just do it already!'
ok - so i will go scan -
here is a postcard-sized piece i collaged (magazine scraps), it is an art muse/goddess.

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