postcard play

this is my podplanet. i have been finding inspiration on flickr from hundreds of searches for different new and old interests in biology, ocean creatures, geology and abstract landscapes. i am so magnetically attracted to mini living worlds, worlds inside of worlds (like cells) and the prospect of worlds beyond our own. so what is this?  i dunno. you can assign it a meaning of your own.

i searched a long list of urchins and jellyfish and decided to create my own new species... 

...another swirl theme with scales and roses...i like that i didn't let myself color the whole thing in - i scanned it and just added one color. well, a few variations of one color.


for some reason this one didn't have the - i guess i don't like the oranges so much. the blue "netting" layer reminds me of the white mushrooms that make themselves those hol-y umbrellas. i love love love mushrooms and their detailed undersides, and the tiny worlds they create on moss and lichen-covered branches and forest floors...

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