i miss

I miss
the boys and my missy kim
emma's friends
AMAZING toledo museum of art (kicks high's butt)
AMAZING toledo zoo (and detroit, columbus, cleveland zoos)
AMAZING park system
turkey hill philadelphia style vanilla bean ice cream
tony packos chunky garlic dills
barry bagel's salt bagel w/roast beef
day-trips to ann arbor
non-smoking city!!!!
rosary cathedral - especially high mass
our backyard and screen porch, sandy soil
my big tub/shower and bath window that opens
level driveway – omg a level driveway
my basement, my utility sink, my well to water, having water!
my huge front window and great entryway
wood floors
dr.ruth, dr.smale, dr.mahmood, kids' peds !!!!!
having the lakes nearby – olander, erie, Michigan
not being able to see the flecks perform again…
bowling green DQ's huge purple dip cones and greasy burgers
Rodney smelling like ford (?)…. uh, job security….a job!
some knowledge of the hospital system in case I need it
ben franklin in bg
recycling dumpsters within 1 mile…a box when I need one
knowing where i am

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