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August 15th 2009   
name?   ~me, christine echelbarger
being a dork-
thought i would break the ice.....


Angela Shafer says:
Here's a message I got from a friend of mine after posting the link to Happy*Mess (hope I speeled that write?! ha ha that's ME being a dork!!) Anyway, here's his comment: Love that artwork you posted. That is how I wish I could paint and draw. If I bought art, that is the type of stuff I'd hang. Thanks for sharing. Pretty cool, huh? Wanted to share with you. I love you!! Angela
Posted on : 2011-02-20     18:07:53

Hello, I have become enamoured of doodles and in particular colouring in.Found your blog today and thankyou for sharing. It is as far as I am concerened the nmost interesting one I have come across. Inspiring. my very best wishes Robyn Gympie Australia
Posted on : 2012-01-12 23:11:15


 christine says:
oh, my gosh, i have just now (april,2012) realized that i needed to come to the host site of this guestbook to see these posts! i am so sorry robyn and angela! robyn, i am flattered by your kind comment! thank you for visiting and hope you find creativity to be as fulfilling as i have. angela, hun, you are awesome to post my link, and i am happy someone found it inspiring - that feels great! thanks for being one of my top fans!
Posted on : 2012-04-01 04:25:17

    March 31st 2012    06:44:10 AM
    name? (all questions optional)  ~Lisa
    how did you find this site? (just curious)   ~Andy Kohler
    where are you from?   ~Chicago
    comments? questions? critiques?
Hi Christine,
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed looking through your journals. I love your mandalas, and your cross section nature scenes.
Have a great day!

christine says:
thank you very much, lisa! so glad you came by....mandalas are addicting!
Posted on : 2012-04-01 04:00:40


      June 4th 2012    11:09:59 AM
     name? (all questions optional)  ~Meredith
     how did you find this site? (just curious)   ~Through Flickr
     where are you from?   ~Nashvile, TN
     comments? questions? critiques?
Hey Christine, This is a reply to a comment you made on Flickr. I just wanted to make sure you received it: I was so inspired by your art last night. I poured over your website/ blog for a good while - each design and color palette was so breathtaking. Do you use markers for most of your work? I just LOVE it. Do you have any licensing deals in the works? That needs to happen for you. I would buy your products in a heartbeat. - All the best, Meredith


Meredith, thank you very much for coming by and for joining my small facebook page :) your crosses and birds are bright and beautiful, please feel free to add a link here to your work.
i use microns for outlining, my far favorite for depth of blackness and length of use, as well as for smoothness and strength of the tip. for color i use mostly sharpies and bics. i have been adding copics as i can afford, and blick's. i also have a few pantones that i adore~ which i can only find in limited quantities at blick's.
i do not at this time have anything up for sale much less licensed, but i accept your compliment as encouragement to make prints available. 
thank you, christine :)   6.7.12

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  1. Hi Christine - I just stumbled across your Flickr page today and love your drawings, and would be happy to buy some note cards from you if that is possible! I see that the last entry on this blog was from 2012 so you may not be looking here too often, I will see if i can contact you through Flickr too! Lydia Bosley LFBosley@Q.com Logsden, Oregon