jumping on the web-way

today, after blogging to myself for over a year, i decided to *officially open* my site to everyone.
there are a few real reasons why today became the day:

1. 08.20.09 = 0+8+2+0+0+9 = 1+9 = 1+0 = 1
day 1, right? are ya with me?

2. 4 OTHER people in my life are taking the plunge -oooh- not a good choice of words - today-
let's say they are landing some new experiences that will change their lives.....
doing something that they have been putting off for years...new lives begin with one step!!!

3. i cannot wait any longer to become part of a society
of the most TALENTED and AMAZING artists in the WORLD!!! HELLO!!!!

WILLKOMMEN to MY humble little place in the mosaic! THANK YOU FOR PASSING THROUGH!

and please keep coming back, as i plan to expand a lot by adding MUCH more art,
THOUSANDS of links to artists i LOVE and am INSPIRED by,
photos of my many COLLECTIONS (thrift store loooove),
and personal anecdotes (because i love to write) about stuff you will be hopefully interested in.
i am working on my own FLICKR photostream,
and have an empty ETSY storefront i hope to embellish with art pieces and stuff to inspire!

now that i have built my own huge wall of goals, i shall share one of my favorite quotes:
"blessed are those who expect NOTHING, for they shall not be disappointed".
(who knew a 100-piece puzzle of a pathetic little puppy could stick with you forever!?)
i want to enter this community to share the crazy love i have for all things beautiful and REAL, and to meet others who are just as crazy (or who LIVE with someone who IS)....

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