starting the year by finishing

i need to get back in gear, so i decided to pull out and finish a bunch of ACEOs (my individual mini-journal pages) i started last year. i am completely guilty of not finishing anything, but it felt good to add something to pieces i already started. i have a bunch more, including a lot of "windows" i've drawn that are empty, that i'll post as i fill them.


 set of 3 cards. i want to do more collage, as i have amassed quite a collection of awesomely-illustrated, unwanted vintage books to disassemble.

i still have a thing about using the "best" of my collage items, and am working on creating little "masterpieces" out of what i think should be showcased. this shrew wasn't a favorite of mine, it was a practice run...i think he pulled it off.... 

these are the type of "window" pieces i have a lot of...
i love using real up against cartoon.

this ended up creeping me out- so i call him "odd bird".