these are older bead projects of mine. the skeleton is some vintage white beads and some shell and the head is old glass. the blue beaded cross i believe are all newer beads. for both i made basic wire forms.

the gaurdian angel i made in 2004 when i learned i was finally pregnant with my second child (4.5 years trying). both of my grandmothers introduced me to these pocket prayer cards, i've been in love with them since. i took this to church with me to pray and showed it to my grandmother. the small baby is a gift from her. on the back i stitched a Blessed Mother medal. i ended up losing this child, we believe she was a little girl, maggie.

in 2005 i became pregnant with my precious boy, which eased the pain somewhat. this little thing (it's all of 2 inches top to bottom) represents maggie and the fragility of life, this proves she was here long enough to change our lives... :)

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