more music!!!

well, i am proud that not only have i taught myself to partition one of my external hard drives ( i am completely self-taught when it comes to computers), but i also have completed a power point project (never even knew what power point was until my ten year old told me about it), and i printed the cd i put it on, AND, i got more music....how slow am i??!!
here are my newest "adoptions":
green day -wake me up when september ends
alanis morissette -everything
lifehouse -you and me
john hiatt -have a little faith in me (looove benny and joon)
edwin mccain -i'll be
chris daughtry -home (loved him from the first)
i also tried to grab keke palmer's tonight (night at the museum) but RHAPSODY didn't have that one!
and train's ordinary is only available as an album -you think they would have includeed it on the spiderman special edition i bought..
dam, i need better earplugs - but i'm afraid of ones that go inside my ear (claustrophobe)

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