blossoms & borscht

springtime is a time of proliferate blooming here in atlanta. my 5 year-old son happily partnered with me to find the most incredible examples of our favorite blooms. hydrangeas might be my favorite flowering bush. my grandmother loved them. my favorite are the blue and purple, of course...i adore how they change shades during their bloom...

cherries are so pretty because of their dark branches, so i took a shot from below.  this one has an "E" in it, and has pushed me to attempt a very floral alphabet...perhaps an exemplar to submit to Somerset Studio :)

wisteria was at the top of my list...the purple and lavender colors and the draping of the strongly-scented flowers is so romantic and graceful, especially since this is considered an invasive species down here, and i could only find ones in overgrown empty lots!

easter is borscht time in my family. (beet and cabbage soup). i make mine extra chunkier every year - i LOVE beets. as i peeled them and cut up my red cabbage, i had to stop and photograph the beauty of the patterns and colors of these delicious veggies.

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