ok, we moved here, it was our choice, and we did it for family, but i don't think, in all honesty and reality, that i can live here for the rest of my life. this heat has already got me severely claustrophobic and exhausted! i am sooo crabby and edgy, i cannot for the life of me figure out why i didn't insist that i truly cannot handle the heat.
so the kids and i sit in the house, go nowhere unless necessary, and we are already getting on each other about stupid stuff. E insists she doesn't mind, R is so far not convinced he understood himself and his own heat tolerances, and me, ha, i am feeling hellish. L - well, he gets beet red outside when he runs, and keeps turning from the sun like it's burning his little retinas.
it's amazing how if you cannot tolerate cold, people sympathize and will talk endlessly about how it is horrible and painful and they can't wait til it's over - then you talk about the heat. people roll their eyes and act as if you are some kind of alienish non-human wimp.
"you'll get used to it" (no! i won't!)
"it doesn't feel so hot after a while" (because your BRAIN IS FRIED - ALL PERCEPTION IS LOST)
"wear lighter clothes!" (ok - don't get me started on fat clothes for summer)
and - my alltime fave-
"SOME SUN IS GOOD FOR YOU" (yes, the time it takes me to take out the garbage...)
-oh, and i do know that it's possible to acclimate slowly, a little each day...i don't care.
how can anyone think it's good to spend time out in the sun!!?? people lay around down here in nothing but strings, shiny from oil to make it darker, and they think it makes them healthy to turn orangy-brown. oh yes - horribly sexy!
when i go out in temps above 85, humid or not, i feel like i am instantly suffocating. my eyes burn. my skin burns. my meds make me temperately-compromised and after about 15 minutes i feel weak, sick and seriously a little delirious! am i alone?????? NO!! do not admit you hate the heat!!!! you will be laughed at, scorned and then excluded from the elite group of masochists who "tan easily".
go away. i am planning my escape to the northwest mountains.
am i ignorant about global warming, am i just too paranoid? the sun is SO much hotter than when we were kids....all the stuff about UV ratings, extra high sun lotion coverage numbers, UVB and UVA protection, wear a hat, drink lots of fluids - it's all a bunch of crap, right??? oh, i know, i hear you - "it's all about moderation..."
ok. i'll stay inside, where the temp is moderate
you know what the only good part about hot days is??? that when you come in, or finally just get enough time to take a cool shower, and you feel that water hit you, the heat slides from your head to your feet, and you feel, for that moment, so very alive! 

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