pretty much whatever i say today might sound negative.  just the day.  but i have gripes with blogger.  why is it sooo much easier to upload and organize stuff on flickr than here?  the *new* page feature is not much news, you can only make static pages....wanted bad to have the page structure of wordpress. yes, so go there, i know. each has their merits, but neither is really set-up for gallery type pages or art/photography posting like flickr. 
not sure how to proceed....i'm getting a lot of views on flickr and finding an incredible community atmosphere, and it's much quicker than waiting for traffic here.

what i'm debating is, i was opening a blog to both have a place to share art and have a place to talk about depression and OCD. i wanted to see if i could blend the mental process with my art, as a way to promote art as therapy. i haven't been doing that, i'm actually avoiding the mental parts.  maybe if i concentrate more on that here, and focus on just my art on flickr, i can do both.  bear with me as i try to figure it out, the very few of you who so graciously come here!


  1. Your art work is gorgeous! Love such colorful pieces. I especially like the one with the heart! Brilliant! Gaby xo

  2. thank you so much, gaby! your flickr stream is a joy to visit, thank you for coming by - from germany?! wow! :):)